Why Don’t We Crave Healthy Foods?

Actually, human beings used to crave nothing but healthy foods. That is because there were no unhealthy foods to eat! Humans were hunter gatherers. They ate naturally healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts and berries found in nature. They ate animal meat when they could. However, their meat was not processed, injected with dozens of unhealthy additives, preservatives and addictive chemicals.

In many cases, our ancient ancestors did not have enough food to eat. So what happened when food was plentiful? Man learned to eat as much as possible, storing excess food as fat for energy that could be used later. This is one of the reasons that humans can go as many as 30 days or more without food. Your body converts food into energy which it stores away for later use.

Unfortunately, this natural human trait can lead to unhealthy eating habits.

Human beings today usually do not lack for food sources. Food is literally everywhere. Since the human body stores away food as fat when it has eaten in excess, the socially acceptable overeating behaviors of human beings today leads to weight and fat gain. Overweight and obesity are contributors to a long list of dangerous health problems.

Why is it then that if our ancient ancestors craved healthy foods, we have an unquenchable desire for foods which are bad for us?

The answer to this question lies in the types of foods many modern day humans eat, as well as a self-survival process called hunger.

Food growers and manufacturers discovered they can make food last longer on the shelf, in your pantry and refrigerator by adding preservatives and man-made chemicals. They also found out they could make your food appeal to your taste buds and sense of smell by packing in even more unnecessary additives.

And whether you want to believe it or not, the people who

make your processed food intentionally add addictive

chemicals so that you crave food which never delivers all

of the nutrients and healthy minerals you need.

Sugar, MSG and salt are extremely addictive and inexpensive chemicals which are found in at least 75% of all processed foods. They actually trigger a response in the human brain akin to how a drug addict feels when they take the drug of their choice. Feel-good chemicals in your brain are released by simple carbohydrates, salt, MSG and sugar, and this is what causes cravings for unhealthy foods.

However, since your body realizes it still needs to get all the healthy minerals and nutrients it needs to function properly, it sends out more hunger signals! Your brain tells you that you need to eat. This is why you often feel hungry even after gorging on unhealthy processed foods.

The problem is, your brain also remembers the wonderfully addictive emotional high it received when you ate that garbage food. So you reach for a bag of potato chips and a soft drink to quench your hunger, rather than the healthy vegetables, fruits, grains and beneficial beverages your body really needs and longs for.

Your unhealthy food cravings are fueled and quenched only momentarily, they become stronger, and the process unfortunately repeats itself.