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Kimberly Broome- “Coach Kim” is an elite trainer, mentor, educator, and a certified weight loss coach. Kim has helped hundreds of people lose significant weight and inches. Most importantly, she has helped them to re-claim their confidence and health through proper nutrition and supplementation.

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Kimberly Broome- “Coach Kim” is a trainer, mentor, educator, health coach and a certified weight loss coach.
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Kimberly Broome


I would like to share a little bit about how MM has helped me. I was always chubby as a kid. I was the youngest of 13 children and we.....Read More
Shaunna Wildman
During the first two weeks of Metabolic Method, I lost 8 pounds and was down 3 inches. And continued to shed weight after. My husband,...Read More
Shanshera Quinn
Hopelessness. Despair. Exhaustion. Pain. Shame. These were the main emotions I was feeling when I was introduced to the Metabolic Method....Read More
Holly Lapinski
During the first 2 weeks I dropped 9 lbs. and it just kept coming off. I have lost a total of 33 pounds to date, 15 inches and almost 4% body fat....Read More
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