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Kimberly Broome- “Coach Kim” is an elite trainer, mentor, educator, and a certified weight loss coach. Kim has helped hundreds of people lose significant weight and inches. Most importantly, she has helped them to re-claim their confidence and health through proper nutrition and supplementation.

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Kimberly Broome- “Coach Kim” is a trainer, mentor, educator, health coach and a certified weight loss coach.
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Kimberly Broome


I would like to share a little bit about how MM has helped me. I was always chubby as a kid. I was the youngest of 13 children and we.....Read More
Shaunna Wildman
During the first two weeks of Metabolic Method, I lost 8 pounds and was down 3 inches. And continued to shed weight after. My husband,...Read More
Shanshera Quinn
Hopelessness. Despair. Exhaustion. Pain. Shame. These were the main emotions I was feeling when I was introduced to the Metabolic Method....Read More
Holly Lapinski
During the first 2 weeks I dropped 9 lbs. and it just kept coming off. I have lost a total of 33 pounds to date, 15 inches and almost 4% body fat....Read More
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The #1 Thing Making Busy Corporate Executives Age Faster

Life moves fast- and the busier you are the faster it goes. Pretty soon you will stop and look back and wonder where the heck did the time go? We are all so busy working our butts off to climb the corporate ladder, provide for our families, have nice homes, drive nice cars, go on those awesome vacations AND be SuperMom that YES- life goes by very, VERY FAST! (more…)

How to Eat Out on a Plant-Based Diet

At first look, eating out on a plant-based diet seems daunting. Most of the food on the tables you walk by contain meat or other things you can’t or choose not to have. Don’t fear though – with a little creativity and attention-to-detail, it is easy to get the food you want without compromising your diet. Here’s how.