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I am passionate about helping others be the best version of themselves that they can be. I love teaching others how eating the correct foods can change the numbers on the scale, their percentage of body fat, increase their energy and motivation levels, improve their hormone levels and have a healthier aging process!

About Me

I am passionate about my sons and my family. I have had a passion about health and wellness since I was a teenager...
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Diane Wittreich


During the first two weeks of Metabolic Method, I lost 8 pounds and was down 3 inches. And continued to shed weight after. My husband,...Read More
Shanshera Quinn
Hopelessness. Despair. Exhaustion. Pain. Shame. These were the main emotions I was feeling when I was introduced to the Metabolic Method....Read More
Holly Lapinski
During the first 2 weeks I dropped 9 lbs. and it just kept coming off. I have lost a total of 33 pounds to date, 15 inches and almost 4% body fat....Read More
Amy Court


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Do Your Hormones Have You Out of Balance?

When we hear the word hormone most people thing of old people or women or mood fluctuations that come from month to month.  However, that is not completely true. Young or old, male or female hormones play a role in the metabolic function, hunger, body fat, lean muscle tissue, energy level and general health. It’s when we have too much or too little of a certain hormone in our body that we have issues. (more…)

4 Ways to Reverse the Effects of Stress on Your Body

Stress, we all have it in our lives, some more than others. We all deal with stress in different ways. When we allow it to overtake our days and nights that is when it can take a toll on our body and our mind ~ and that is when we start unraveling! The last few weeks at my day job have been very stressful for me.  (more…)