Building a profitable health coaching
business is far more challenging
and complex than most coaches
have ever imagined.

Here’s How the MM Academy Can
Grow Your Coaching Business





We Really Help Our Coaches
Be Seen and Be Heard

Coach Jenni

Never in a million years did I think I’d be exposing my coaching practice to a television audience, then I attended the Be Seen Be Heard Workshop and signed up for the follow on accountability. Although the workshop provided an amazing foundation of information and getting us started, it was the follow on accountability that provided that extra coaching and one-on-one feedback necessary to actually get booked on CBS in Richmond on Virginia This Morning. I wouldn’t have been able to get booked doing everything all by myself.

What a credibility builder…not only for potential clients, but for me as well.

You have the passion and skill to coach, but you lack systems to help it flow properly. Knowing how to coach is ONLY half of the puzzle, are you ready to discover the other piece?

Coach Kim

Being able to plug into a system that was essentially DONE FOR ME was HUGE! The year prior to this I was trying to build my own blog — make it attractive and profitable-as well as create the content for my offerings. It was so much more work than I was ready for. When the MM Academy launched their system I knew exactly the kind of value I was getting and I couldn’t wait to leverage their tools.

Having coaching programs to offer my clients at my fingertips allows me to put them into play immediately and to make money doing what I love — COACHING!

Coach Teresa

Lydia Martinez Ebling and Sye Wells thank you for being willing to share your knowledge and take action to empower and elevate others. You are gemologists of people. Where others may see rods, you see beyond the “raw material’ to the potential end product. You take each stone through the process that ultimately uncovers the exquisite precious gem and all its brilliance.

You don’t take quick shortcuts, (machines waste and can even damage the end product when being cut into common sized gems) instead you put in the time consuming laborious task of shaping the gem in a way that maximizes its size and brilliance incorporating the natural distinctions (others mid all Ins). The process of hand polishing reduces additional imperfections that can mull from automating the process. It is a slow time consuming process but the unique one of a kind result makes all the work worth it.

Coach Debbie

So blessed to have taken part in the first The Elevate Retreat over the weekend. Still processing a fair amount of the information others. We laughed, we cried, we sang, we prayed, we ate yummy food and we learned. We each had some major BREAKTHROUGHS! One of my favorite parts was the bonding did you see the clown car post?lol…. Dr Paula and the mindfulness she taught us. We are given tools to put into practice right away! Sye Wells and Lydia Martinez Ebling are indeed Master Trainers! Deep appreciation for this retreat.

We all need support we all need a team of folks that we are connected with that have the same passion and loves. I also clearly see that if you are in business for yourself having a group of like minded individuals around you and having Coaches yourself is a major key to success.

The Metabolic Method Academy offers a variety of Health & Business related programs for current and potential Coaches.We reveal the 5 Critical Elements to Building a Profitable and Thriving Coaching Business (offline and online).

We can help you eliminate overwhelm and frustration that comes with trying to re-invent the wheel and figure everything out on your own.

 Coach Jo Voletti

I was struggling with my own with my own self worth. I had decided to take control of my own life, health, happiness, joy. First I decided I wanted to take control of my own health and destiny. What better way than to become a Coach. I wanted a program that looked at the whole picture not just losing weight. This amazing program came into my life it was not just a weight loss program and I got certified as a health and wellness coach with Metabolic Method Academy, but now what.

I decide to take the step and signed up for the VIP Program with Metabolic Method Academy. Let me tell you that was the best step I took, the hardest step, but the best step. I have grown tremendously this past year. My confidence, how I feel about myself and where I am going with my journey has unstoppable! The one to one coaching and menloring I received one can not put a price tag on.

The VIP Program has empowered me to be me.

Are you tired of losing clients to other coaches who are’t nearly as qualified but have better sales & marketing systems than you?

So Coach… What Can
The MM Academy DO FOR YOU

Here Are 6 Ways We Can Grow Your Business:

Get You Certified As
A Health Coach

We offer a complete step-by-step Health Coach Certification program.

We Can Build Your
Custom Website

Let us help you expand your personal brand with cutting edge sales & marketing tools.

Share Your Coaching
Expertise on TV

Increase exposure and become a celebrity in your local market with our media placement service.

Get More Clients w/
Business Retreats

Learn how to start running your coaching business “like a business” – with business income, leverage, and ability to scale.

Turn Your Experties Into a
Signature Course

We turn Your Expertise Into A Signature Course or Signature Workshop.

Increase Your Income with
Our Done-For-You Products

We provide “done for you” programs to help you streamline, monetize, and get more clients.

With thousands of new wellness coaches starting their business each month, learn exactly what to do in order to Be Seen and Be Heard in a Over Crowded Market.

Learn How To Become A Health Coach In 3 Easy Steps!

After you’ve watched the FREE Masterclass to Learn More, click on the “Schedule A Call” button below.

 Simply select a time/date that’s most convenient for you to speak with us and we will send you confirmation.

During your breakthrough business session, we will help you uncover the blindpots in your business and identify solutions and strategies that lead you to reaching your business and life goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer services for other professional coaches? (ex...Life Coach, Wellness Consultant, Business Coach)

YES! Although the MM Academy was originally founded to certify and assist Health Coaches with growing their businesses; we soon discovered that there were other professional coaches/consultants who could utilize our services. We’ve been able to successfully work with Speakers, Consultants, and other professionals who aren’t health coaches.

I'm already a Health Coach, how can the MM Academy help me grow my practice?

Getting certified as a Health Coach is just the beginning. As many Health Coaches quickly realize without ongoing support and marketing systems; your business struggles to get off the ground. The MM academy doesn’t just certify Health Coaches, we work with and equip our coaches to learn Sales, Marketing, Social Media Best Practices, & More!

I'm only interested in improving my Health at this time, how do I get started?

We offer two main Flagship programs in addition to our “jumpstart programs” all designed to improve your health. Visit the Health Programs page to learn more.

What's the difference between the Metabolic Method System and the Metabolic Method Academy?

The Metabolic Method is our Health Improvement System. It’s a step-by-step science based approach to improve your health. The MM Academy is our “business school” where we train and certify new Health Coaches. We also offer business support services such as: Signature Course Creation, Media Placement, Sales Training, and More! Visit our Business Programs page to learn more.

I'm interested in becoming a Certified Health Coach, so why should I choose the MM Academy?

There are a MANY reasons you should choose MM Academy, here are a few:

#1- We offer “after certification” support and training – we don’t just certify you and leave you to figure out how to build a business.

#2- We provide you with “Done-For-Programs” – this allows you to immediately begin helping clients without spending weeks or months trying to create programs.

#3- Active Coach Support Community – our coaches have a private support community, weekly calls, and more. So you are in business for yourself but never alone.

#4 – We are an affordable option to High-dollar franchises – there are many professional certifications that require a five figure investment or more; without any real support once you get started.

#5 – Cutting edge marketing tools, branding coaches, custom website design, and more! Technology matters in today’s business world, so we’ve partnered with leading digital marketers to help ensure that our coaches are never left behind.

#6- Time Freeom – We have an active online client support community so your clients are never alone, they can get their questions answered even when you’re away on a 3 week vacation.

#7- Leverage – you can accept coaching clients from anywhere in the world with an active internet connection. We’ve integrated our MM Health Coaching System with the latest technology to allow your clients to learn our system from anywhere at their own pace. Thanks to technology thousands of people have been able to further their education and earn college degrees, we apply this same technology to allow them to change their bodies and improve their health.

Are you a Network Marketing or MLM company?

NO!! Our coaches are professionally certified and go through several weeks of study before they are prepared to take the final certification test.