We provide done for you programs, courses, systems, community, mentoring, & training for Health Coaches to help you streamline, monetize, and get more clients!

The Metabolic Method Academy Advantage!

A Proven Health System

Metabolic Method Academy

The Metabolic Method proprietary Health Coaching System has already been tested and proven to achieve sustainable results for clients! You can view our client success stories.

Built-in Technology

Metabolic Method Academy

Academy coaches have access to cutting-edge marketing tools including websites, email, appt systems, social media & more! No more stressful DIY marketing tools.

It’s a Global Business

Metabolic Method Academy

Our technology allows you to accept and coach clients from any city, state or country. You are no longer restricted or limited to just accepting local coaching clients.

Done-For-You Programs

Metabolic Method Academy

The entire Metabolic Method system has already been created, tested, and proven to work. This allows you to simply support your clients through the system.

Time Freedom

Metabolic Method Academy

The entire coaching program has been automated for your clients. This allows you to spend less time coaching on the phone and more time out enjoying your life.

On-going Support

Metabolic Method Academy

You are never alone in your business. We provide our coaches with on-going monthly training, development and a private coaching support community.

Client Success Stories


Betty Anne Henderson

Before I started Metabolic Method over 9 weeks ago it would take me an hour to get dressed for church every Sunday morning because nothing in my closet fit. Every thing was too tight, looked and felt horrible on me. My husband and conduct a small choir at Mass every Sunday and we sing up in front of the congregation so I couldn’t hide or cover up with my coat on. Now almost 10 weeks later I am 18 lbs lighter but it still takes me an hour to find something to wear to church because almost everything in my closet falls off of me. LOL!!! My sewing machine has become my best friend this weekend. So happy and thankful to Lydia, my coach, Nancy Lewis Hill, and all of you for your support and advice.


Barbara Lewis Grondine

Good morning all! I’m in very good spirits here and let me tell you why. Woke up this morning realizing it was 1 hr later than what my clock read, so I jumped outa bed, got dressed, and ran down the stairs. Whoa!! Ran down the stairs?? Jumped outa bed???? Is this a daylight saving dream? I don’t remember the last time I jumped or ran anything without joint and body pain and stiffness. So, to confirm this wasn’t a dream, I went BACK upstairs, and yes indeed, ran down my stairs without using the handrai for support. WOW!!! My days of walking down the stairs backward are over!! I attributed it to age, but alas, not true. I may have lost 10lbs on a body that needs to lose 30, but I’ve been in the program for 3 weeks and really looking forward to the rest of my healthy life!!!


Linda Naula

To start, MM is awesome (I have used that word maybe twice in my life)! By way of background, I’m 65 years and 6 years ago broke my right ankle and it didn’t heal correctly. Because I was limping, I developed sciatica in my left leg. I couldn’t sleep, walk or sit for long periods. I also had trouble driving (clutch leg). And because of my age and metabolism, I gained a lot of weight, had high blood pressure, and an under active thyroid. I thought I would have to spend the rest of my life unhealthy and in pain. But then Takiyah told me about the Metabolic Method and what a change! I thought I had nothing to lose so started in August. I lost 20 pounds so far and the pain is almost gone. Clothes that didn’t fit are now too big and I hope to lose more weight. I love the support and advice that’s always available. I can maintain this lifestyle because it has become a part of my routine and is doable. If I can do this, anyone can. Thank you, Takiyah, Lydia and all the MM coaches. You gave me a new lease on life.

The Health Coaching Industry Boom

The Need For Dedicated Health Coaches Has NEVER Been Greater.

We are losing the battle for our good health on a daily basis and
unfortunately there are no signs of this trend slowing down anytime soon!
Metabolic Method Academy

387 million
people living with diabetes


Metabolic Method Academy

Health Coaching
is the top emerging
trend for 2015


Metabolic Method Academy

Poor diet is responsible forone in five
deaths worldwide


Metabolic Method Academy

27.6 million
number of adults with diagnosed heart disease


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